Training #2 : Advanced Malware Analysis

Inchon Memorial, Korea University, Seoul

This training course deal with advanced course content to analyze malware defence mechanism.
Students will learn how to analyze the techniques such as Anti-disassembly, Anti-debugging, Anti-VM..
Students are learning these skills several times and will continue to learn the process of analyzing the actual malicious code.

[Day 01]
Cyber threats and malware types
Malware detection method and building analysis lab
dynamic, static analysis
Analysis of malware used in APT attacks

[Day 02]
Analyze Anti-disassembly & Anti-debugging mechanism
Analyze Anti-VM & Anti-sandbox
Analysis of malware targeted industrial facilities

Basic knowledge of the Operating System, Programming, Network
Basic knowledge of the Reverse engineering
Notebook (Over RAM 8Gb & At least 20Gb free space)

[Being offered]
Malwares (Dyre, Blackenergy3 etc.)
Tools and VM Image


* SeongHyun, Gwak
now) NSHC RedAlert team researcher
before) INCA Internet Anti-Hacking researcher
He will work at NSHC Global office, and he interested in malware profiling

1,500,00 KRW원

[Register & Payment]
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