Training #1 : ICS/SCADA Training

Inchon Memorial, Korea University, Seoul

SCADA system is very important system in use throughout the world today.
In training, basic information about SCADA security and Students will have to pass the technology to a penetration test to target SCADA systems for two days.
also, We will show you how to find the target zero-day vulnerabilities in SCADA environments.

[Day 01]
- Introduce of ICS
- ICS/SCADA Architecture
- ICS/SCADA Element
- HMI & PLC equipments sanning and Web hacking
- Product vulnerability (1-Day)

[Day 02]
- bypass Network Separation
- Network protocol used by SCADA
- SCADA Network analysis
- Penetration testing target on power systems, rail systems (0-day)

- Understanding the network and basic knowledge TCP/IP
- Need passion to learn how to defend industrial facilities
- Notebook (Over RAM 8Gb & At least 20Gb free space)

[Being offered]
- Textbook
- equipments (PLC kit, etc.)
- Tools


* Seungjun, Lee
Development of four years, penetration four years, and three years of teaching experience in domestic and foreign Police, Ministry of Defence including Iran, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rwanda, etc, has conducted penetration testing, malware analysis lectures. In recent years, Interested in industrial control network system for teaching and research is underway and interested in artificial intelligence and game development was studied previously.

* Young-Sun, Kim
He has the voice recognition technology interns at LG. and He has experience in developing products IoT, robots, IPS..
He conducted the training in Hong Kong Police, the Colombian Ministry of Defence, Singapore. and he ICS/SCADA lectures in the country.
There are a lot of interest in system hacking, reverse engineering, and he likes to eat bread.

* Youngil, Heo
He is NSHC CEO, and he has a career such as penetration testing, malware analysis more than 15 years.
He announced at many conference in domestic and foreign.

2,400,000 KRW

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