2016.07.09 12:00(KST) 03:00(UTC) - 07.10 12:00(KST) 03:00(UTC)
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CTF Rule

1. No limit for number of people participating per team.
2. Each team has to use only one CTF ID. Otherwise you might have some kind of disadvantage.
3. Participants of same C class IP address or same IP boundaries will be considered as a team.
   If you claim to be different teams, you have to prove it.
4. We approve alliance of many teams as one team, however not the way around.
   (we don’t approve one team participating as separated teams)
5. If you made the problem sets or provided any idea for them, you can’t compete in the contest.
6. Problem maker, any person of interest can’t talk with participants about solutions besides official advice.
7. There are no prepared hint or heads up for the problem, however depending on the situation, we can provide some hints as an event.
8. If the problem is solved with unexpected method, organizing committee will have internal meeting and might approve the approach.
9. Illegal access to server, acquisition of key value by operational mistake can be nullified.
10. If you disturb the operation of contest by attacking servers other than game/problem server will be punished accordingly.
11. You will be punished if you do network or system attack that disturb contest operation,
     however you will be rewarded when you find a security hole on our game contest server and report it to us.
12. Intentional registration of multiple IDs and repeated attempt to submitting wrong answers can be punished.
13. Top 10 teams have to submit write-up to organizing committee.
14. Organizing committee can check the point and status of each participant real-time.
15. Even some behavior is not against above rules, it could be punished if organizing committee decide
     that the behavior disturbs operation of contest.