Welcome to SECUINSIDE!


A conference held by security researchers and hackers, in order to share legitimate practical ideas.
The event is operated by HARU(Hackers Reunion), and is co-organized by KISA (Korea Information & Security Agency),
KITRI (Korea Information Technology Research Institute) and NSR (National Security Research Institute).
SECUINSIDE 2016 will be held for two consecutive days starting from 2016.07.11(Mon).
The event will consist of CTF(Capture The Flag), CTB(Capture The Bug), conferences and training sessions.

During the SECUINSIDE event...

There will be a conference session where famous speakers around the world will talk about various security-based topics
which are not just limited to IoT security issues and latest offensive/defensive techniques.
Before the event, SECUINSIDE CTF(Capture The Flag) competition will be held, where hackers around the world compete their
offensive security skills.
During the event, CTB(Capture The Bug) competition will be held, where hackers seek to discover global IoT products' vulnerabilities.
In this year, there will be training sessions for latest technologies. so we look forward to see you in the SECUINSIDE event!


 Organizing Committee
 - Chairman : Lee Dong-hoon / Director (KOREA UNIVERSITY)
 - vice-chairman : Lee Sang-Jin Professor (KOREA UNIVERSITY)
 - Baek Gi-Seung Director (KISA)
 - Yoo Jun-sang Director (KITRI)
 - Lim Jong-in Professor (KOREA UNIVERSITY)
 - Kim Seung-ju Professor (KOREA UNIVERSITY)
 - Lee Gi-taek Chairman (HARU)
 - Sim Junbo (HARU, Black pearl security of CTO)
 Program Committee
 - Chairman : Lee Seung-Jin CEO (GRAYHASH, HARU)
 - Yu, Dong - Hun Director(INETCOP, HARU)
 - Jeong Guhong Director (GRAYHASH,HackerSchool, HARU)
 - Choi Chang-guk (HARU)
 - Jang SangKeun (HARU)
 Steering Committee
 - Chairman : Kang Sung-hoon (KOREA UNIVERSITY)
 Cooperation Committee
 - Chairman : TBA
 - Ryu Seung-woo (CNSECURITY, HARU)
 - Jo Minjae (HARU)